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Runners don't quit

Most runners pick-up bad running habits that slow them down and hurt their bodies. Runform is an iPhone app that helps you identify those mistakes and build up your perfect running form.

Technology exceptional

RunForm is an iPhone app that will help you run more efficiently and without pain or injuries.

It’s like having your own personal coach, but much more affordable.
Running is science

RunForm explores your body through advanced algorithms.

Shoot the video of yourself running, see how your body behaves & what to do about it.

Automatic video analysis from head to toe

Easy to use
To get started, just sign up and you’re ready to capture your first video.
Record a video
It’s easy - just lay your iPhone on the flat surface or ask a friend.
Video list
Check all your recorded runs in a brief overview.
Running history
Review your older runs, and make sure you don’t do the same mistakes over and over again.
Automatic analyse
Our algorithms crunch the video in less than 30 seconds.
Fix your technique
Use the feedback to correct your mistakes. Repeat until you have the perfect technique.
Manual reviews
RunForm consists of many skilled runners and coaches that will help you run more efficiently.
Simple as that!
RunForm can help you boost your performance just like a professional coach would do.

RunFormbeta, try it for free!


Achieve Your Dreams

Reduce the risk of injuries

Even a small mistake like setting down the foot in a wrong way can harm your body.

Correct your running technique

Runform will refine your style and take your routine to the next level.

Run faster

RunForm will correct any mistakes that are holding you back from becoming the fastest runner on the block.

Grow less tired & endure longer

With the same effort, you will start to feel the difference of being able to run for longer distances. Simple as that.

RunForm, try it for free!

RunForm is a project by Blackslide
with Sportdiag cooperation